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No Accounting for Chase
ISBN: 978-1-41991-026-5
Cerridwen Press
Available Now

Chase Tremaine wanted to be a cop when he grew up, but he never expected the work to be this personal. As the body count mounts, he must figure out who would want to kill Amanda St. Claire, an accountant with no dirty secrets that anyone can find. Not an easy job when the victim is a complete stranger.

But Amanda St. Claire is the clumsy, knobby-kneed girl who was always hoping Chase might ask her to the winter dance. She's had a crush on Chase Tremaine since she moved to Houston when she was ten years old. Her best friend is Chase's little sister, but Chase himself hardly knows she exists. That is, of course, until she ends up in his lap at his sister's wedding.

Falling for her threatens Chase's focus on the case. Amanda's determined not to give in to a high school crush, not with a hitman getting closer by the day. But life has a few curves to throw their way and, as Amanda can attest, there's No Accounting for Chase.

The way Chase’s heart pounded made his ribs ache again. That was a hell of a confession and he didn't exactly know how to answer. Maybe he shouldn't say anything at all.

Amanda went pale rather than blushing. “Oh God. I didn’t mean that. I mean, I did, but not right now.”

He reached for her and came up short, his arms trapped in the sleeves of his shirt. “Help me out here, would you?”

“I’m sorry, Chase. I’m so sorry,” she murmured as she reached for the cuff and twisted the button open. “I forgot. I didn’t mean to leave you—”

He yanked his hand out of the sleeve and slid it into her hair. “Just shut up.” He stopped another protest by sealing her mouth with a kiss. No more apologies, no more making up. He finally had her where he’d wanted since this whole mess started. He wouldn't let her blush and stammer away this time. Decision made.

“You should sit,” she mumbled when their mouths parted again. Her eyes were wide and dark behind her glasses, maybe a little afraid. So he sat without protest and kept his gaze on hers.

She unbuttoned the other cuff on his shirtsleeve and dropped the button-down to the floor. “Can you lift your arms over your head?”

He shook his head faintly. “Maybe not that far.” He lifted his hands to her face again instead and slid her glasses off, carefully folding them closed. “That’s about as good as it gets. That work for you?”

She ducked her head and smiled. “I guess it’ll have to.” She touched him carefully, curling her fingers in the fabric of his undershirt. She slid it up over the binding gingerly, fingers brushing bare skin as she pushed it off. “I’ll try not to hurt you.”

“I’m not feeling any pain.” Not quite a lie. He just bent the truth a little. Stiffness of another sort now demanded attention. He inhaled a lungful of the scent of her hair, still damp from the bath, as she leaned closer. He let his hand ghost over her shoulder, noting the way she shivered under that simple touch. Beautiful. Delicate. So easy to hurt and he swore right then and there that he never would.

He straightened when the undershirt joined his button-down on the floor. Her gaze flickered over his shoulders then skimmed his chest and drifted toward his waist. Chase wasn’t built like he could bench press a semi, but he had nothing to hide, so he let her look. Let her see just what she had beneath her hands.

“Hair,” she whispered, and fanned her fingers through the dusting on his chest.

Goose bumps sprang to life at the touch and sent shivers dancing over his skin and down, desire tightening another notch. “Yeah. That’s what happens when you make it past seventeen.”

She laughed. “I figured you for the bare-chested type. Strong and smooth. I think I like you this way better.” She ducked under his chin and pressed a suckling kiss to his throat. Her breath tickled his ear when she murmured, “Can you lay down?”

“I think I’m going to find a way.” He shoved himself back on the bed. The pain wasn’t so bad. Every now and then, a twinge made him stop and take an extra breath, but it could have been worse, all things considered. He could have been alone. He lifted his head to watch.

Amanda took his shoes off first and let them fall to the floor. Then she put a knee on the bed between his legs and reached for his belt. He expected to see nervousness reflected in her hands, but they were startlingly still and confident, as if she knew exactly what to do.

She tugged the buttons on his jeans open with the same careful certainty. He couldn’t watch her, the effort of propping up on an elbow just a little too much. It was better this way, he decided. He closed his eyes and let himself feel instead. She peeled denim down his legs inch by inch, as if she were unwrapping him or maybe just trying to drive him insane. “Wouldn’t have figured you for boxers either. You’re more of a briefs man.”

He laughed. “Guess I’m just full of surprises today.” Almost as many as she was herself.

“I’ll just turn the light out.” She edged off the bed again.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Now he dared the stab of pain pushing up enough to see her brought. “Not so fast.” When she arched an eyebrow, he grinned and gestured toward the towel she still wore. “You’ve had your fun unwrapping me. Now it’s my turn.”

She clutched a hand in the terrycloth. “You’ve got your shorts on. It’s not fair.” She lowered her voice. “I’m naked under here.”

Chase’s voice came out low, as if it had dropped into his chest. “That’s what I’m counting on, sweetheart.” Not a chance he'd look away.

She blushed to her collarbones. “I'm being brave. I wanted to do this on my own, without your help.” She laughed, all breath. “It’s not working.”

He hooked his thumb in the waistband of his shorts. “Two’s a party. On the count of three?”

Amanda watched him motionlessly. When he thought he might have to nudge her again, she took a shaky breath. “All right, you win. But no laughing,” she threatened, leveling a finger at him. Then she took another breath and slipped the towel loose, letting it spill to the floor.

Laughing was the last thing on his mind.


"I found this story to be a fun twist on the age old girl has crush on guy, guy blows her off, scenario. There is a lot of action and a couple of unexpected twists along with this romance. You will not be disappointed if you are purchasing No Accounting for Chase"

- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed


"NO ACCOUNTING FOR CHASE is an engaging story.

-Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today